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Conflict Resolution and Prevention

Stedfeld Mediation Services provides mediation, planning,

and conflict coaching to resolve disputes and improve decision processes in businesses, organizations, and families. 


Couple in Mediation


Whether with business connections or family relationships, mediation is a private, effective strategy to help two or more people resolve issues and problems.  Using mediation is much less expensive than litigation, and less hurtful to strained relationships.  You can use mediation whether or not you have an attorney.  Stedfeld Mediation Services will help participants generate practical solutions while allowing you to keep control over your final decisions.  Your solution will be more lasting and workable because it is detailed, specific, and has buy-in from everyone involved.  

Psychology Patient

Conflict Coaching

When the issue does not require mediation,or the other person is not available to participate, conflict coaching is an effective alternative. A conflict coach works with you alone, to prepare you to resolve a conflict or hold a difficult discussion.  Stedfeld Mediation Services will help you evaluate the situation, consider options, and design a plan of action.  We can also help you improve the way you approach difficult conversations and resolve conflicts in everyday life.


Advance Planning

Cooperative advance planning prevents problems, preserving relationships during crises and change. Although lawyers and accountants can help protect your money interests, how do you protect important  relationships?  Cooperative advance planning can help when writing a will, starting or dissolving a business partnership, setting up land or business succession, or planning for advanced care in later years. To avoid future disputes, we facilitate conversations with the people who are closely concerned, so that you can plan with confidence.

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